About Us

A Little History

1984 Dad’s fudge journey began. Mom asked him to make fudge for a Christmas party. Everyone raved! It became tradition, every year he made fudge, and people brought their tins.

As I got older I realized how special his fudge is. 2011 we partnered to take his fudge to market, Bumblebee Chocolates was born. My dad’s legacy lives on!  For me, it’s an opportunity to share joy from my childhood, along with other treats I’ve added along the way.

Why Bumblebee Chocolates

People ask me how I came up with the name Bumblebee Chocolates. Here is the back story......

When I was younger I heard people say that bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly. With their big butts and little wings, it should be impossible for them to get up off the ground. But, the bees fly anyway.

Back in 2011, this came to mind when we decided to take my father’s labor of love to the market place. The economy was down and anxiety was up, people said it wasn’t a good time to start a business. I say, no matter what conditions look like, one needs to follow their heart. Bumblebee Chocolates has come to life because no one has ever proved that a bumblebee can’t fly.

Family photo 2011

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